Transport services

We identify your problems and offer solutions for them. Transport services provided by RITMIC COM guarantee you a fast arrival, secu

Production of PET flakes

PET bottle we use so often today can be collected and entered by recycling back into the economic circuit. PET plastic - the abbreviation Polyethyl


The advantages of using briquettes It requires no cutting or breaking. It can burn both in boilers and stoves and fireplaces.

Petrol Station

Perhaps you can not differentiate the quality of the fuel from a distribution network to another, but we assure you that in RITMIC filling stations

Fire wood for sale

We sell firewood from stock, cut and split

ITP Station

Our ITP station is accredited by RAR and it’s fitted with the latest test equipment. The inspection is done by our specialists, checking your veh

Hazardous recyclable waste collection

Collection and transport of waste and recyclable materials

Ritmic Ilisesti

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